Faria Management


Dear Residents, Partners, and Affiliates,

The Faria Management Team would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Spring!

This season is unlike any other and we are continuously evaluating our approach to the changing realities. It is our goal to operate effectively and ensure that all essential services are continuously provided and that employees are safe within the workplace. Below are the adjusted measures implemented in 2021.

Preventing the Spread of Infection in the Workplace
Each day, all Faria Management staff members who engage in any off-site activities should perform a health self-assessment. This includes an audit of any potential exposure to the virus. If the team member has traveled out of the DC area, proper quarantine measures should be followed in accordance with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations. Any plans for travel should be discussed with supervisors to ensure continuity of coverage. Also, off-site staff may interact with office-based staff, tracking contact in the field will be important if there has been an exposure during our work.

Increased Off-Site Safety Measures
Due to the recent surge in Covid cases, the Faria Team has assessed and enhanced our safety protocols to protect our team members and residents alike. We are pausing any non-essential in-unit or common area technician/project manager visits. When they must occur, we require residents to do the following:

Perform a health screening in advance of a maintenance visit. If recent exposure, travel history, or symptoms are flagged, the visit should be rescheduled until it is safe for maintenance staff to enter the residence.
Windows should be open during the visit for airflow
Residents and their pets should leave the home or be in another room during a maintenance visit.
Any necessary interaction between the resident and maintenance must be appropriately masked and be conducted with six feet or more of distance.
If repairs are happening in common areas, we ask that all residents practice social distancing and wear masks if engaging with the maintenance team or vendors.

Faria team members will be masked and follow CDC safety guidelines during all visits. The same will be required of all vendors. Additionally, all team members and vendors will be asked to perform health screenings each day. All staff are offered testing when requested and ample PPE is provided. We will continue to monitor the safety and practicality of our off-site work during this Covid surge and will update residents if/when our protocols change. If we are informed of a positive test result from a resident, vendor, or staffer, we will use contract tracing to notify those who may have come in contact with that person to self-quarantine/test.

Additional Guidance
All team members are given PPE and other equipment needed to be safe during an on-site visit. They also conduct daily health screenings.

Please comply with CDC guidelines and schedule any visit during a time when you are not needing to quarantine. Health and safety (and slowing the spread of Covid) is the highest possible priority during this time.

Faria Management follows all CDC and District of Columbia guidelines for travel and quarantine requirements.

If a vendor is seen not properly wearing PPE please contact our staff immediately so we can be in touch with the vendor to register our concern and ask that improper mask-wearing is not an ongoing safety concern.

A strong focus is placed on sanitizing work areas, public areas, and commonly touched places. We strongly recommend you sanitize surfaces and areas where others have been present after they leave. An abundance of caution is a good thing.

We want you and the technicians to stay safe. If you need to be home during a visit, please use safety precautions and keep a significant distance with a preference for staying in an adjacent area. All vendors and Faria team members are well trained and are licensed, bonded, and insured.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to

Spring is Here!